Rewind to 2017

Our eldest son Hugo started playing representative basketball, and needed a $120 basketball - at the time this was the Molten GF6X - his most expensive basketball to date. It was beautiful, the hand feel was amazing... and why stop at 1 ball, when you need to practice left and right hand?! WHOA - $'s!
These basketballs are going to need his name on them!
“Standard is not in my vocab”,
and with a black permanent marker in hand, the HUGO ball was born!..

Our AH-HA Moment

I clearly recall my conversation with another parent... Wow where did you get that?... I did it myself... How?... With a marker, by hand... Can you do ours?... Sure!
Who would have thought 4 years later, what started with me and a black marker, would become .my ball iD!
We now iD basketballs for children (and their parents), die hard basketball fans, schools, basketball teams, tournaments, basketball associations, and some of the best known brands in the world being ESPN/Disney!


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